Instagram – Week in Review 1

For those of you who don’t know [maybe my more senior readers, hi Mom!] Instagram is a fabulous little photo/social media app for your [smart] phone. For my generation, who is obsessed with sharing all the quirks and little details of our day-to-day lives [me included!], it’s kinda like Pringles…once ya pop– you can’t stop! My brother [a freelance photographer/videographer] always told me “the best camera to have, is the one in your pocket.” So without further-ado, here is my weekly recap thanks to Instagram.

the week started with some exciting daily deelight stats.
whew hoo! here’s to babysteps!
daffodils are showing their pretty faces just about everywhere. including in front of our house!
So apparently I have been out of the loop. Cheerios has like 17 [ok maybe not 17] different choices now. When did this happen? according to my husband, it has always been like this. I beg to differ, sir! I think I would have noticed amazing choices like peanut butter [so good!!] and cinnamon burst, banana nut, and dulce de leche. hellooo!! Get some!
it’s funny, because it’s true!!
Lucky Charms played a key roll this week. Not only did they take me back to my childhood days of sleep-overs at girls houses who were actually allowed to have these sugar-laced cereals, they also were the main ingredient in a fun St. Patrick’s Day inspired probability activity with my 4th graders.
Spring is here people! Tree’s are bursting with beautiful blossoms everywhere. I love it! My allergies…ehh that’s another sneezy-story.
One of my besties and I were a couple of tie-dyin’ fools. Much needed St. Paddy’s Day attire.
BREAKING NEWS! The Daily Deelight will be getting a serious facelift!!
This is big peeps!! Stay tuned…
Skinnygirl Beer Ritas!
Skinnygirl Margaritas [thank you, Bethenny!] + Bud Light Lime + fresh squeezed lime juice =
a St. Paddy’s Day drink to be remembered!
thoroughly enjoyed my St. Paddy’s Day.
[please notice the finished tie-dyed tee + the custom hatah-blockahs]
Chloe showing off her asssets.
finished up the week with some couch time + inspiring reads!
hope everyone had a delicious + fun-filled weekend.
here’s to a not so maniac Monday!


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