Instagram – Week in Review 2

This past week flew by! And now it’s almost the end of March. Say whaaa? Where’d the month go? Anywho…here’s a little bit of this + that thanks to my life-documenting app—> Instagram

absolutely loving all of the beautiful blossoms. 
these happen to be bursting in front of our house! 
Downtown Frederick –> East Church Street 
a deelightful sight on the way to work 
super foggy mornings made for some pretty interesting shots!
did I mention it was foggy?? good gracious! 
Beautiful Czech eggs I brought back from Prague for my Momma about 5 years ago. We’re talking carrying in hand–through customs in London + state-side– whilst annoyingly asking all airport security to PLEASE be gentle! Only to be delivered [unbroken!] Easter Sunday. That, is love people. 
they are not kiddin! their reuben is no joke. 
husband tested + wife approved. two thumbs up!
FINALLY!! something Michael and I have in common!
went on a little field trip with the kiddos to the science center. made a new friend. 
I’ll call him Spike. 
spring time color obsessions—mint + tangerine. gimme!
weekend treat —> mini-strawberry-pie @ Cafe NOLA
Monday = Teacher Workday. 
aka never ending to do lists + never ending piles…day. 
however, I am happy to report-productivity showed up + took over.
[thank goodness] 

gotta try to keep the productivity going with our never-ending pile of laundry
which goes a little something like this…


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