Instagram – Week in Review 8

What the french toast!?! It’s July already?? AHHHH! Nooo — slow down sweet summer.
You cannot go flying by. No. I will not allow it.
Control freak? Nahh.

This is how I started my summer. Who gets sick in the summer?
—-> this girl.

had to.
[[note cards from Target ]]

got a little wild @ the salon :)
these pink hair accents are not permanant. they clip in at the root,
but are human hair so you can style’em just like your regular hurr. me likey!

I’ll letcha in on a little Sando secret. I am emjoi obsessed.
what are emoji’s dare you ask? umm well if you have an iphone, they’re what you’re missing!!!
see that little airplane up there? that’s just one of hundreds of cute little symbols/smiley faces that you can use to add to your emails/text messages/tweets/instagram uploads…you name it. if you can type it on your iphone, you can add these little guys. so I was just tickled when I received this email from The Container Store [my happy place] with an emoji staring me in the face. easily amused much? uhh yes.

oh hi fried green tomato sammy. swoon city.
[[found @ Cafe NOLA]]

just a beautiful moment while walking through the trees
on my way to Thorpewood, to tend bar — wedding style.
[summer job ain’t bad]

this little guy sure does love to snuggle.
no complaints here!

Chloe has been showing her wild side lately. Lots of late nights, partying, raves even.
We’re hoping it’s a phase. Crazy kids these days…

Church outfit chock full of stripes. please and thank ya.
skirt & shirt // Target

favorite lip balm. smooth & minty fresh.
and guess what?? it’s made locally. Woodsboro, MD…hello!
{disclaimer: do not leave it in your car. it will become a tin-o-soup.}

where was this when I was in high schoool???

oh that Momma of mine. she is a funny one.
no idea where she gets it from.

things that make my heart smile // visiting dear friends and their precious babes!
love is an understatement.

happy 4th!
we keep it classy, America.

exhibit A :: treasures found in friends cars.
what could top this? getting to actually play it via his tape deck. in his car.
holy retro, Reba.

a NC trip is not complete without a stop.
bo’berry biscuit…ooh how I love thee.

egg salad//bacon//lettuce//tomato//toasted salt bagel.
UNREAL sandwich combo.
{found @ Beans & Bagels}

Summer is off to great start. Lots of good eats, sunshine, friends, and fun.
Grateful for it all.


  1. says

    okay, all of these pictures are just perfect. in love with your church outfit. really liking the pink clips for the hair. the food looks delicious. and i still can’t believe that it is already the month of July. what’s the deal.
    xo TJ

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