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Pinterest is one of my many social media addictions. Though unlike Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; Pinterest can be quite inspiring. Almost too inspiring. Half the time I find myself feeling borderline guilty for not doing 3/4 of the ideas I “pin.” But thanks to my summer schedule, I’ve had the time to attempt some pinteresting things. 😉


I’ve been bound and determined to go cabinet by cabinet organizing and cleaning my way through our house. One of the worst areas is always under our kitchen sink. This little trick of hanging a tension rod under the sink to hang the cleaning bottles on is nothing but brilliant. Saves so much room and it keeps things super neat and tidy.

My second pinterest project were these yummy pancake & sausage bites. So easy & so scrumptious! Just place slices of cooked sausage in a greased muffin tin. Pour pancake batter over sausage slices and then bake @ 350 degrees until pancakes are golden, fluffy, and covering the sausage slices. Serve with maple syrup & enjoy! We certainly did. And when I say we, I mean he. He who ate 6 of them.

My last project consisted of creating this tropical wreath for my best friend’s bridal shower last weekend. More to come from that fabulous shindig tomorrow…but for now the simple how-to, so you can DIY!

All you need is a box of mulit-colored tropical umbrellas, ribbon, and a wreath base. And a steady hand. I cracked and snapped more little wooden umbrellas then I’d care to share. But it was worth it! Twas’ the perfect way to greet the beautiful bride-to-be! :)

Stop by tomorrow for more from this tropical bridal shower. Tasty treats & deelightful drinks galore!


  1. says

    Speaking of, I should get to working on projects and DIY’s I’ve pinned!! I love that under the sink rack- so simple, yet I never thought of doing that!! Isn’t Pintrest great?!

    xo Kayla

  2. Sarah says

    The sausage/pancake bites are so happening this week at my house. Sure to be a hit with both the kids and the husband. And super easy to boot! Thanks!

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