Blue Skies Smiling at Me


My sister is in the final days of her Kickstarter campaign to launch her debut album, Audrey Bernstein Loves Blue. Blue is her beloved bunny rabbit. She saved his life and in the process he inadvertently saved hers. Audrey recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and is nearing her goal to raise funding needed to release her first record independently. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others. She has until April 1st to raise $6,000 to offset the costs of the new album.

aud and blue

My sister is so incredibly talented. I’m quite jealous of her ability to croon and melt hearts through her gift of song. That is one gift this little sister did not receive. Her soulful songs have been beautifully captured in this debut album and I’m so excited to see where this project takes her. I’ve got her back & you can too by supporting her Kickstarter Project!

audrey and blue

Audrey isn’t the only one finding inspiration from her sweet Blue. Leigh Williams, owner of Laughing Moon Chocolates has created a very special Blue Easter bunny in honor of Audrey and her muse. Twenty percent of the proceeds will go straight to turning Audrey’s dream into reality & launching her jazz album via the Kickstarter campaign. These sweet little Easter bunnys are handmade from white chocolate and are naturally dyed blue. How adorable would this little bunny be in your little one’s Easter basket next week?!! I just wanna nibble on his cute little blue ears!

blue and blue


Audrey has always been a celebrity in my mind & has become well known in many circles throughout her life. Whether she’s professionally snowboarding, throwing karaoke parties in NY & LA with stars or opening her own bakery, she goes after it & gives it her all. She’s oozing with talent and with this latest project, I feel like all of those things have been the perfect imperfect path that led her straight to the microphone in Stowe, Vermont. Surrounded by awesome friends and supportive family she’s going after her dream and as her little sister…I couldn’t be more proud!

Our dad used to say to us when we were little that we could be anyone or anything we wanted to be. He said if we reached for the stars, we’d land on the moon and be out of this world. And that’s my sister in a nutshell. She’s out of this world & I love her to the moon and back.

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