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Well I guess you could say it has been a busy week seeing how my last post was…Thursday Things. Whoops. I guess I’ve been balancing a lot lately. Between teaching (and allllll that it entails, sigh), grad school,  the non-profit, the party planning (professionally & for fun), the catering job, staying connected with friends, checking in with family, finding time to breathe (yoga), finding time to create (cooking), finding time to let it out (the bloooog), and keeping up with life in general (cleaning, bills, laundry); it has indeed been a balancing act. It’s never a perfect balance. There’s never a time when I say, oh yes – now I’ve got it! I used to constantly be searching for the mystery formula that magically created a “just right” balance. But I’ve discovered there’s no such thing. Instead I try to wake each day and assess they items on the list that need to be juggled [this usually occurs in the shower or while washing dishes]. Sometimes if the items are small I can juggle a lot. But sometimes the items are so heavy, I can only manage 2-3 things. And sometimes I have to take things off the list before I just throw my hands up in the air and let everything drop. There’s always another day and another list. Ahhh lists. You are my happy place.

make a list


pesto is the besto…on everything. there’s nothing like homemade pesto. #mustmakeASAP


pay attention to this. with yourself & others.


spicy tequila sunrise? um. please & thank you. I’ll take 2 with a side of summer.


peanut butter & chocolate +[anything]= happiness in my mouth.



 I’ve learned [the hard way] how true this statement is. The more you feel the need to show [via social media] how happy, how in love, how well they treat you, how #blessed you are; the more you are forcing it [the relationship] because you’re trying to convince yourself it is actually as great as you are making it out to be.  genuine happiness > # of likes .


Making time to prep for the week ahead always makes me feel like I can take on anything. Set aside time for yourself on Sunday to prepare your meals or write out your intentions/goals/to-do lists. The way I see it, once your foundation is set it doesn’t matter what the week throws at you, you’re ready!


I heart succulents and I want to make a terrarium. Yep.


photo (3)


monkey chatter

One of my favorite things I’ve learned how to do through my yoga practice is how to quiet the “monkey chatter.” This is the noise that goes on in our heads when we are idle. Learning to clear it all out is a powerful, therapeutic thing.  Do whatever you need to do to clear it our and reset. Practice yoga [duh], dance it out, shake it out, breathe it out, shop it out (this could be dangerous), whatever works for you. Just do it. Letting it out and controlling your thoughts in a positive manor brings clarity, calmness, and a sense of reason & purpose that is  simply…fantastic.

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