Strawberry Shortcake Bites

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With the 4th of July right around the corner, here’s a little bite-sized inspiration. These are a great- simple take on a classic holiday favorite. Strawberry shortcake is pretty much my favorite “cake” besides cheesecake.
Yep, don’t like cake. Sorry?

I made these little guys recently for a bon voyage party for one of my dearest friends’. These easy- quick desserts are seriously scrumptious and crowd pleeeeasers. They’re a play on the classic because instead of the classic sponge-cake I dipped into my semi-southern roots and used biscuits instead. These are perfect to have in hand while watching those sizzling fireworks light-up the sticky sky with friends and family. Plus they’re just so cute! Right? ┬áCome’on put your patriotic pants on and make these for your own festivities this coming Friday.
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Strawberry Shortcake Bites


1 lb strawberries, sliced
1 tbsp sugar
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
10-12 skewers


  1. Bake biscuits according to directions.
  2. Cut strawberries in a small bowl and sprinkle with sugar. Stir well and let sugar dissolve.
  3. In a small bowl, add vanilla extract to cream. Then whip whipping cream until thick.
  4. Once biscuits are finished, let cool and then cut each biscuit into fourths. Then cut each fourth in half horizontally. (like you're going to make a mini sandwich)
  5. Assemble bites by staking a 1/4 biscuit smeared with whipping cream, then a strawberry (or two) then finish with another 1/4 of a biscuit smeared with whipping cream.
  6. Enjoy!

1 thought on “Strawberry Shortcake Bites

  1. Harry says:

    Love strawberry shortcake and hope to make this yummy version!

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