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After 12+ years working in the restaurant industry I feel I hold many of the credentials needed to truly ‘review’ restaurants at this point in my life. I take critiquing restaurants in general pretty lightly, however after all these years I feel I do know a thing or three when it comes to running a successful establishment. I’ve worked in fine dining restaurants, micro-breweries, country clubs, seafood restaurants, gastro pubs, cocktail bars, in addition to major catering companies that throw intimate gatherings & big fat weddings. I’ve been a hostess, runner, busser, bar-back, bartender, waitress, assistant manager, and an event coordinator. I’ve been exposed to cuisines that run the gamete and clientele that is just as broad. And I’ve worked in restaurants in MD, NC, and in the UK. Essentially I’ve developed a side-restaurant-career, of sorts. 

Oh and I  love to eat. I grew up eating at amazing restaurants, thanks in major part to my parents & grandparents. Growing up close to DC and Baltimore going out to dinner was part of the adventure. When visiting my grandparents in Palm Beach, FL or Palm Springs,CA dinner was scouted & planned well in advance. They were never too concerned with the ‘fancy’ aspects {sure that was an added bonus} but more so for the exposure to quality food, different cuisines and exceptional dining experiences. At the end of the day restaurants are the facilitators of memorable moments. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate those well crafted moments more and more. Good food, good friends, beautiful space, magical ambiance…what’s not to love about that?

Restaurant reviewers are often looked at as snooty, detached, and unrealistic. Just trying to make the point, that’s not the case here. I get it. I’ve been around it, experienced it, & lived it for a greater part of my life. And with that being said…I give you my first official restaurant review. Enjoy! 🙂

Last week I got a major hankering for some huevos rancheros. Like major. Lucky for me I remembered a friend recommending that I check out Cafe Bueno. I’ve driven past it several times and had heard several people sing it’s praises but never ventured in myself.

Cafe Bueno
503 North East Street
Frederick, MD 21701

 To cure my huevos fever I had the Huevos con Chorizo and it was muy muy bueno! Eggs were served scrambled with spicy crumbled chorizo sausage, a side of refried beans, mexican rice, and freshly made corn tortillas. I also ordered a side of guacamole and chips, which turned this breakfast into one killer brunch for uno.

Below is my official Restaurant Review Rubric. As you can see Cafe Bueno scored a very solid 30/40 on my scale. Overall I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by all aspects of this establishment. I have to say I think this place is a little diamond in the rough. Here are a couple of specific points I noted during my dining experience.

  • food was seriously {seriously} tasty
  • no liquor licence = BYOB
  • serves breakfast everyday until 11am
  • menu is 1/2 ‘classic american’ & 1/3 ‘authentic mexican’
  • only minor negative critique was their television choice…Jerry Springer {though muted was still a bit of a buzz kill}
  • the atmosphere feels rooted in the community and totally welcoming
  • every order of chips are made fresh and include a complimentary cup of salsa #score
  • speaking of the chips…yeah those were some of the best tortilla chips I’ve had. maybe ever?
  • the trio of homemade sauces that accompany your meal serve as perfect condiments for extra heat & flavor



bottom line…check it out.
de nada.

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  1. Melissa Jackson says:

    Sando, I’m loving your blog! Keep on , keep in’ it real !

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