The Essential Summer Pasta Salad

This heat has us all feeling a little hangry. Don’t get your panties in a pinch…make this super simple – super scrumptious summer pasta salad and all of your problems will be solved. Kidding. BUT! This will certainly be the fuel you need to be a problem solver.

{insert superhero stance here}

The pasta is orzo — total #fangirl when it comes to orzo. Probably my favorite when it comes to recipes like these. It could easily be subbed out for something like an Israeli cous-cous or even quinoa. Your call dude!

IMG_6209 IMG_6211

 The straight-from-the-garden flavors & healthy ingredients of this salad are refreshing yet hardy enough to cure the hunger pains while keeping that bikini from giving you the side-eye.

Summer Pasta Salad


1 box orzo pasta {cooked, rinsed with cool water}
8 oz kalamata olives
2 heirloom tomatoes {chopped}
1 cucumber {peeled, sliced & quartered}
8 oz feta cheese
3-4 tbsp fresh pesto
1 tbsp chili garlic sauce {if you want a zip}
salt & pepper to taste
4-5 basil leaves {roughly chopped}
zest from 1 lemon


  1. Combine all ingredients and mix well. The end.

Enjoy friends.
Drop the panic button.
Stay cool.

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