Thursday Things [Summer 2015]


This summer has been one of the most frustrating ones to date. Excuse in advance my Debbie-Downer tone, but this summer has been anything but what I envisioned. I started off the summer suffering from vertigo. Which is kinda the worst. You feel totally out of it, disoriented, and completely off balance. FUN. That was followed by a business deal that fell through leaving me financially scrambling. And to top it off I was fighting an eye condition that left me in my glasses 90% of the time [que summer sweaty nose] and feeling like I had sand in my eyes…all the time. CUTE. Turns out my eye condition caused my vertigo. WHAT! Yeah, good doctors are realllly worth the time and investment. And amidst the ailments I had men floating in and out of my life reopening deep wounds and playing Jedi mind games. OYE. [1st- world problems, yes. But frustrating nonetheless]

So suffice to say, that enduring the frustration has led to a lot growing, self-reflection [a personal fave] and learning. Here’s a smattering of a few things I’ve realized during my Wet-Hot-[frustrating]-American-Summer.

Moving your body everyday is more than keeping your ass tight – it’s keeping your mind right. 

Always get a second opinion. 

Friends that make you laugh are worth their weight in gold. 

Men that play games are not men at all. 

Staying true to yourself sometimes means finding out who that person is. 

Money will come and go but memories are forever. Especially the memories you make when you didn’t spend any money at all. [your welcome Hallmark]

Don’t let your business guard down…ever.  

Makeup is optional. 

I’m stronger than I think. Have you seen these guns?

Sometimes you really can let bygones be bygones. And sometimes…nope. 

Opportunity strikes when you least expect it. 

Cat-napping with a cat is totally underrated. 

Self-satisfaction comes in surprising forms. 

3am nachos create life long bonds. 

Also the Cinderella rule, is a great rule. [aka home before midnight]

Parents who get the whole picture – no paint brush needed…praise. 

Grill everything. 

Pay attention to exit signs. 

Sometimes you literally have to take 3 steps back to take one step forward. 

Fast fashion is horrifying. 

Late-twenty something is another-world of different from early-twenty something. 

Add feta cheese to everything. 

Audio books are so much better when read by the author

If something isn’t working, fix it. Whether it’s a relationship, an air conditioner, a hairstyle or a lifestyle. If you can’t fix it and it doesn’t feel right, at least try something different. BE PROACTIVE. 

Sex and The City episodes take on a whole new internal-monologe-inducing meaning when they start to mirror your own reality. 

SPEAK UP. USE YOUR WORDS. No matter the result, you’ll always be glad you did. 

Watching your best-friend’s love stories unfold in front of you is probably one of the coolest/realest/heart-bursting phenomenons I’ve experienced yet. 

With guys it is feast or famine. 60% of the time, it works every time. 

drunk TV shows > not drunk TV shows 
Exhibit a. Drunk History 
Exhibit b. My Drunk Kitchen 

Coconut Oil is like duct tape for your body. That shit fixes everything. 

Most guys can’t handle a woman who tells it like it is. Sorry [seriously] not sorry. 

^^ Upward and Onward. I’m off to Europe for 2 weeks — and while I know my frustrations won’t stay here on American soil…I am beyond thrilled to explore new frustrations and beautiful new adventures. After months of planning and preparing, my own little eat, pray, love journey has been a loooong time coming. It’s a brave new world out there folks, and I plan on exploring as much of it as I possibly can. Frustration fosters clarity, this I’ve learned to hold true. So if you’re in that place, just know it’s temporary. It gets better and so much clearer. Best part is, you are better for it.^^

I’m hoping to blog a bit while traveling [time and wifi permitting],
if nothing else feel free to follow the real-time photo journey via the insta of grams.

—- @pandosando —-

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things [Summer 2015]

  1. Rita Gordon says:

    Sando, go for it. You may need to wait a bit, but all will be fine. I have several stories that would help, but not here and not now. Go to Europe, have fun, take pictures and share them with us
    (especially me), I’ve never been there so everyone sends me pictures. <3

  2. Tracey says:

    You don’t know me. I don’t know you. And I don’t comment on most things. Ever. But THAT was a damn inspiring post.

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