A Deelightful List of Holiday Giveaways!

Hard to believe that we are less than 12 days away from jolly Saint Nick’s favorite festive holiday. Get your hand off that panic-button — I’ve assembled the ultimate local gift giving guide. In prepping for the final countdown I thought it would be fun to spotlight some of my favorite local businesses // artisans with the hope that it will inspire you to stay local & be conscious about your gift giving choices this holiday season. Shopping small means you are supporting our community by keeping our economy healthy and business owners busy. This list below is just a snapshot of the wonderful assortment of local businesses we have here in [downtown] Frederick. The ones listed below have graciously agreed to ‘gift’ items to be given away over the next couple of days leading up to Christmas — to YOU my deelightful readers. Doesn’t mean you have to be a local to shop local, you can participate no matter where you’re located. BUT here’s the catch… you’re going to have to travel here eventually to claim your prize. Pretty fair trade-off in my opinion. Frederick is truly turning into a exciting eclectic melting pot of entrepreneurs who are SURGing ahead with innovative ideas and business models. Lucky for us [locals] the range of businesses is expansive ranging from specialty niche shops to memorable cultural experiences. Needless to say, when shopping small there’s something for everyone on your list.

SO. How does the giveaway work?
Click-in daily to this post to check out the featured giveaway item and enter to win using the rafflecopter at the very bottom of this post. Winners will be announced through this post & on The Daily Deelight FB page. In the meantime, scroll down and learn a little more about those participating. Be sure to check out the specific ‘gift’ giveaways that are listed below each participating business — I have a feeling you may want to enter to win more than once!

The #supportlocal #buylocal movement is gaining momentum — but it remains up to us [locals] to keep that momentum going. Let’s do this!

1. Taste Frederick Food Tours – winner Jeanette Harrington

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Taste Frederick’s food tasting and cultural walking tour combines delicious food with tales of downtown Frederick’s history. The 3-hour walking food tour provides a unique opportunity for locals and visitors alike to experience local flavors while gaining insight into the historical, architectural and cultural components of Frederick city. The goal is to provide both a fun and filling experience for you and your taste buds as you walk – and eat – your way through some of Frederick’s most historic and scenic areas. Read more about the inspiration and conception of this unique business here. Is there a better gift than to give the gift of a memorable experience? [nope] Love this tour and its owner! What a treasure to have in our historic city. //giveaway item: walking food tour for 2//

2. Fred & Co. 1745  – winner Colleen Magrann Morin 

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unnamed-37 unnamed-13
Living in a disposable world, Fred & Co 1745 provides tough, quality garments. Their handcrafted, American made goods are representative of the city we were raised in: rooted in rebellion, progression, and history. Fred & Co focus on quality vs. quantity and it shows. Their line of garments and accessories speak to a simpler time of well made everything. Going against the fast fashion movement — they’ve made a name for themselves and are quickly symbol of local pride. A must-have on anyone’s wish-list! // giveaway item(s): 2 American made tee’s  //

3. Barre East Fitness Studio – winner Brooke Johnson
14 N. East Street
Studio 3
Frederick, MD 21701

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Transform your body at Barre East Fitness Studio.  Located in Everedy Square in downtown Frederick, Barre is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates, Strength Training, Cardio and Core designed to sculpt your body, burn fat and build endurance.  High-energy and dynamic, Barre fitness is fully expandable and adaptable to any client base. The possibilities are endless! Give the gift of endorphin’s – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!! Seriously. This new fitness studio made national headlines when a ‘fat-shamer‘ tried to bring them down for keepin’ it real by promoting self-acceptance and self-love. I’ve been kind of obsessed with this studio and its spunky staff since it opened. Growing up a dancer I was over-the-moon when I heard a barre studio was opening within walking distance. The atmosphere is so positive, that I look forward to working out. I repeat — look forward to working out. And the results are REAL. Hello ballet arms! Hello college booty! Bye Bye th-ass! You catch what I’m squatting over here? Good. 😉 // giveaway item: 5 class pass //

4. Shabby Chic Creative Studios
9 W Patrick Street
Frederick, Maryland 21701
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PROP.DEER_.SC_1-300x293 Home-Top-2

Shabby Chic Boutique carries clothing for women that want the latest styles, comfortable fit and reasonable prices for all sizes and ages. New merchandise arrives daily, providing customers with fresh wardrobe options that range from trendy to timeless looks. With a focus on personal styling for each customer, Christina Christopher (owner) has the ability to pull together outfit combinations that accentuate your best features and camouflage any problem areas. There is no need to sort through racks of clothing trying to determine what goes together. Christina takes care of all of that for you, pulling together complete head-to-toe looks with absolutely no pressure. Shabby Chic Boutique is quickly becoming one of my main go-to shops downtown — everything from shoes, to hats, gloves, bralettes (personal fave), to necklaces, and comfy tees…SC has it all + wine&design classes where you can get your craft on while you sip and chardon-nay nay. 😉 // giveaway item: $50 gift certificate //

5. Crisafulli’s Cheese Shop
8 E. 2nd Street, Suite 104
Frederick, Maryland

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Tis’ the season for cheese plates! Food is fun – who said wine and cheese have to be snobby? Crisafulli’s Cheese Shop combines both food and fun, offering the finest selection of cheese to Frederick, Maryland, and the surrounding Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Their goal is to educate customers about the finest cheeses, charcuterie and other offerings. Their cheese counter offers over 100 different artisanal and small-batch cheeses handcrafted from across the U.S. and Europe. Let their cheesemongers help you find the perfect cheese, pairing and pantry items for every occasion. The owners and cheesemongers could not be nicer & their merch could not be tastier! Check out this new gem for your holiday get togethers or hostess gifts! // giveaway item: $25 gift certificate //

6. Erica Burns Designs
511 North Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701

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isla_280x280.16091686_ghcxcjo6 IMG_3336-e1447394117402-w855h425
Erica’s handmade jewelry line is inspired by love & positivity! Erica dedicated her life’s work as a social worker & later a yoga teacher to helping others by empowering them to love and be loved. Through her jewelry line she strives to do the same thing! It is her hope that the wearer of each piece of our jewelry lets her beauty radiate from the inside out. Her aesthetic is decidedly simple & understated with a hint of edginess. She strives to create jewelry that is organic, a bit wonky (there is such beauty in imperfection!), delicate & feminine. She uses recycled metals whenever possible & also recycles her metal scraps. She is passionate about keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible & is constantly looking for ways to reduce & reuse! She creates each piece one at a time, by hand in her studio in beautiful historic downtown Frederick, MD. Ooo’s and ahhh’s can be heard echoing throughout Erica’s shop. Learn more about Erica’s story here. I adore this lady’s line of hand-crafted jewelry and I’m willing to bet just about any lady in your life is going to too. // giveaway item: 3 (silver) textured stacker rings //

7. Industrial Home
154-A North Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701

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2014_Industrial_Home_logo 14495167823_eba83cec51_k-950x570
Industrial Home strives for design excellence in all its home furnishings, standards, and quality. They aim to continuously introduce new and exciting collections of industrial chic, rustic, and modern products and designs. Their friendly, knowledgeable and professional associates will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for customers. Read more about owner Christopher Ritchie who has had a lifelong passion for unique furniture, interior design and custom woodworking here. It’s hard not to get inspired by slipping into their showroom on Market Street. Their style makes a statement and leaves a lasting impression. Stop by for a consultation and make your decor dreams a reality! // giveaway item: reclaimed barn wood multi-use tray //

8. Maven Beauty Bar
118 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701

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 Owner Rebecca Carrera was beauty obsessed from a very young age, and has worked with brands like Bobbi Brown, Shiseido and Yves Saint Laurent. Having been trained by some of the world’s best artists in the biz, she found her niche as a cosmetic buyer for Nordstrom. It was here that her passion for new up and coming brands flourished and she was able to learn the beauty business inside and out. After holding several executive level positions with some of the world’s top global beauty brands and becoming a mother to three girls, Rebecca finally realized a life long dream of having her own beauty bar. Here Rebecca and her beauty mavens are not only able to offer valuable skincare and make up advice, but also impart guidance on living a healthy lifestyle. Rebecca’s beauty wisdom can’t be beat. Her store is a coveted moniker of the East Patrick Street shopping district. Stocking stuffers and beauty essentials are the BEST for the gift-giving season…or the treat-yo-self season. Yes please! Hurry up and grab the goods people! // giveaway item: beauty bar brow appointment with the owner //

9. Oliver Lynch Originals
email : oliver@thesurgeagency.com
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IMG_0757 IMG_1339
MD native & local artist//graphic designer Oliver Lynch likes to repurpose materials in his original pieces. Mostly paint and pencil — the artist defines his work as fine art meets street. He likes to fuse fine-line work with stencils and expressive color bursts to create harmony with otherwise non-traditionally harmonious elements. Oliver’s unique artwork is a standout in any collection. His work is playful and imaginative – yet sophisticated with obvious talent beyond his years. His passion for his work shines through each piece he produces and the nonverbal nuances are notable . Oliver works personally with clients to customize cherished pieces for their homes, workplace and gifts alike. Art is one of the most thoughtful gifts to give, and one that keeps on giving for years to come! // giveaway item: custom piece of art on skateboard deck//

10.Lebherz Oil & Vinegar Emporium (LOVE)
214 North Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701

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lebherz_1 7dae52_af36cfe85186429fa7c4696e30c78c44
I’ve known Maggie Lebherz, owner & founder Lebherz Oil & Vinegar Emporium since I was a little chick. We share a passion for our hometown, entrepreneurial adventures, musical theater, and fantastic foodie flavors. At L.O.V.E., her olive oil and vinegar shop, they boast over 50 different varieties of olive oil and vinegar for you to taste, pour, and enjoy. Stored in their special stainless steel canisters called fustis, all of their flavors are available for their customers to sample and then they pour them FRESH into any of their custom glass bottles…straight from the tap! Their oils and vinegars are truly perfect gifts for friends and family to enjoy all year long! Tantalize their taste buds with new flavor combinations — tons of great recommendations straight from the owner herself! // giveaway item: tuscan-herb olive oil bottle //

11. Tenth Ward Distilling Co.
508 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701

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Whiskey is coming! If you haven’t noticed yet, the local craft distillery game is strong — and Monica Pearce of Tenth Ward Distilling Company is leading the way. Monica has taken on a leadership role in helping establish a local craft distiller’s guild for the quickly growing market. A former conservation biologist; this girl’s got the passion, brains and bad*** determination to back up those [whiskey] dreams. Opening Spring 2016, Tenth Ward hopes to craft whiskey and brandy that goes beyond the traditional single-malt flavors. Read more about this upcoming distillery here. Stay up to date with all the latest by following their progress on Facebook and Instagram! Interested in the distilling process itself? Have a whiskey enthusiast on your gift list? This might be the giveaway you’ve been waiting for! 😉 // giveaway item: a day with the distiller //

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