End of an era…

No not this blog…I’m actually referring to my 20’s.

Today marks the last day of a very full decade of my life and I can’t help but feel a little sentimental about it.


Looking back I did exactly what you’re supposed to do in your twenties. I made a lot of mistakes and along the way learned a lot…usually the 2nd time around (better than never). Your twenties are your time to figure your ish out. You’re supposed question everything, stumble a lot, make terrible choices, figure out your sense of self, what makes you – you, and where you fit (or like to fit) in the world. Basically you’re labeled an adult but you’re building the plane as it’s flying and just hoping you land…somewhere.

In the past 10 years I’ve…

…lived in 2 states, moved 5 times, traveled to 12 different countries, bought 2 houses, been single, married, divorced, and everything in between. I’ve had 4 serious relationships, 3 tattoos, at least 17 different hairstyles and 100 different eyebrow shapes (OYE). I’ve worked at 9 different restaurants, taught at 4 different schools, ¬†finished one degree and started a new one. Started a non-profit, a blog, and a catering company (not in that order). I’ve taken major risks and majorly-ly failed. I’ve taken on huge responsibilities and sometimes didn’t get off the couch (or shower) for an entire weekend. I’ve eaten my weight in late night pizza and should own stock in Gatorade for how many times its saved my life. I’ve hit rock bottom and have literally experienced crying tears of joy. I’ve doubted myself, mislead myself, lied to myself, and tried to be someone else…too many times. Discovered I’m an introvert and finally embraced it. That along with my overuse of puns, perfectionist tendencies, and overall Rom-Com level sappiness, a lot has been embraced. A lot.

You get it. A lot was experienced in a relatively short amount of time. Ten years. Ten years loaded with memories and a wide range of experiences. It feels like a frickin long time, but not. Right? When I hear 10 years ago I still think “1999?”¬†Anyway, one could argue that every decade of your life could be summarized in a similar fashion. Numbers and lists and lessons. And I agree…but there’s just really something special about your twenties. Your twenties are the time to figure out what you like about yourself, what you need to change, and what you’re going to have to learn to live with (thank you therapy). It took me a really long time to appreciate that. That being time. That I was given time to do as I was doing…figuring it out. I graduated from college thinking I needed to have it all figured out but that was OK because I DID. Not. This false sense of okay-ness and needing to have it figured out took along time to untangle. But once I did, the sense of relief was enormous.

There’s no secret code to figuring yourself out or what makes you happy. Nor do I think it stops once you enter your thirties. I just think you have a helluva better idea of yourself and a killer life-learned resume to back you up when it’s time to tackle the next thing on the horizon. Thanks to those turbulent-brutiful twenties, I am so appreciative and ready for the next chapter. Because late night pizza will always be a thing but I’ve got Gatorade on stand-by.

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