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This is me taking a step outside my usual food posts to share some beauty products I have been LOVING lately. The older I get the more I realize the importance of the products you use. It makes a HUGE difference, not only in your own self-confidence but also your over all well being. Taking time for self-care is something I’m getting better at. The outward effects don’t hurt either. This is not an AD nor am I being endorsed for any of these promos…I just really dig them and wanted to share the wealth. I’m a self proclaimed review snob who will legit look up product reviews while in line at the register before I buy something. So if you also appreciate a good personal recommendation…read on.


This product has been circulating around a lot of other bloggers/personalities that I follow on various social media outlets…so of course I was intrigued. Then I saw the multiple Facebook videos of the tutorials/promos and I was hooked. I had to try it! Of course I checked the reviews (on Amazon) before purchasing and was pleasantly surprised. As you can tell by the foreign language on the bottle this products hails from Japan. In fact it’s Japan’s #1 exfoliator. If I’ve learned one thing about beauty/skin regimes it’s that the Japanese know what the heck they’re doing! This stuff is AWESOME with a capital flippin A. I use it about 2-3 times a week at night after I wash my face. First you spread a thin layer of the gel over your entire face and let it sit for less then a minute. Then you gently start massaging it in circles with your finger tips. That’s when the (gross) magic occurs. The gel essentially locks onto all of your dead skin cells. When you start rubbing them away you see the chunks or little balls start to appear. It’s a little freaky-deeky (but awesome) the first time you do it. I just use a clean washcloth with warm water to wipe the crud away. You’re left with super glory-dewy-radiant skin and the next morning you’ll be AMAZED how smooth your face feels. Definitely a beauty bang for your buck!


Hello 30, Hello eye creams! I always kinda made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t start worrying about “anti-aging” anything until I hit 30. Well, here we are. And guess what? There are about 37,258 eye creams on the market today. Being a blonde who overwhelms easily I usually go for simple and streamlined. Enter this beaut — First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream. I swear it’s simpler then its name. Since I have been blessed with good genes in the skin department, I am in the position of prevention vs. correction. I also have VERY sensitive skin. I look at a product the wrong way and I break out in little bumps/ hives. So I wanted something that really covered the bases, was gentle on my skin, and fit easily into a routine. This guy filled the position with ease. After I put in my contacts in the morning and splash some water on my face to wake up, this stuff goes on all around the eye area. It’s cooling and soothing. I look forward to it and it’s a great way to wake up sleepy eyes. This eye cream is the triple threat because it hydrates, firms, and rejuvenates. Did I mention how good it feels??  I can already tell a difference in my eyelids and skin under my eyes. Aka I have to use a lot less concealer. Win-win.


Moving from skin to hair…let me introduce you to my little friend. This stuff rocks my world because I can use it on freshly washed hair or 3 days worth of dry shampoo hair and still get the same results. I use this when I wear my hair wavy/ curly. The sea-salt gives me that perfect amount of texture, volume, and hold as if I really did just get out of the ocean. Not to mention how good it smells! Yum!


I’m pretty sure I’ve been searching for the perfect hairspray since middle school. Only took me about 15 years but I found it! Shout out to my hair goddess for pointing me in the right direction…again. This stuff is pretty daggone magical. Talking about hairspray makes me wanna talk in a southern accent, so apologies y’all. Just to give you an idea how much I adore this hairspray…I may have suffered a minor heart attack when I caught my adorably handsome long-locks having boyfriend using it to tame his flyaways! Haha that’s what your man hair paste is for my love! I love using this product too much because not only does it hold my style (whatever it may be, straight, curled, natural wavy) BUT it somehow manages to always pull the look together. Meaning it really is that perfect final touch. You know how you get your hair to look exactly like you want it in front of your mirror but then 20 minutes later when you’re in your car on the way to work you do a triple take because your hair looks NOTHING like it did upstairs in your bathroom. Yeah, I get it. This stuff keeps your hair looking like you want it to, minus the gross residue feel of other hairsprays/products. Your hair feels like it doesn’t really have anything in it. Lesson here? Listen to your hairdresser. Or go see mine 🙂


Last but certainly not least… coconut oil for EVERYTHING!!! I became obsessed with coconut oil about 3 years ago when someone recommended it to me to solve some of my sensitive skin woes and I’ve been hooked ever since. Recently I discovered another way to incorporate it into my daily routine by using it to remove my makeup. WOW does this stuff work. WARNING you will look like a freakaziod after rubbing it all over your face but when you just have use a dry washcloth to gently wipe it all away (in one wipe) you’ll also feel as amazed and wowed as I do daily. Especially for how it removes eye makeup / mascara. I’ve always been a clinique eye makeup remover girl (sensitive skin) and it worked ok. But I felt like more and more I was having to really scrub a lot and not really getting all of the makeup off. This left me with red-irritated eyes and eyelashes that were becoming thinner and thinner. Enter in coconut oil regime and my eyes are so much happier! Added bonus…coconut oil naturally makes your eyelashes grow longer and fuller! I can legitimately tell a big difference just from doing this for the past 2 months. Needless to say, coconut oil wins again. (bats eyelashes)



cheers to being our best selves,

one step (and/or product) at a time.


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