How We Summer – Allie Korotky

Next up in my summer series, the girl with the contagious energy + smile… Allie! I met Allie when I first dipped my toes into the world of spinning. Her spirit and genuine kindness immediately won me over. She is a coach in every sense of the word. Allie is a personal trainer, body-pump teacher, spin instructor, and the creator behind BODYSHOCK; a HIIT style workout that is an absolute killer but in best kinda way. The girl keeps it real and loves her wine — a trainer I can get on board with! Check out how she summers…


1. The fragrance that immediately makes me think SUMMER is…Anything coconut lime! I’m also a sucker for the classic Banana Boat lotion…


2. It’s not summer until I’ve…Had a twist cone with rainbow sprinkles!


3. The product and/or thing I cannot summer without is… rosé of course!


4. My go-to summer cocktail is always…(got a recipe for this one) healthy pina colada 


5. If you could summarize your summer philosophy in just three words, what would they be?
Soak it up. The sun, the warmth, the relaxation, the chance to reevaluate intentions.


6. If you were a dish at a summer BBQ, what would you be and why?
I’m gonna go with Carolina BBQ sauce. Just a little goes a long way, it plays well with most, but too much is overwhelming 😉


Be sure to check out our interview with Allie over at The Mustache Mesa podcast. For more info about this little fireball or how to take one of her classes or hire her to whip your butt into shape — head over to her website

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