How We Summer – Michelle Scholtes

Summer is full of nostalgia, traditions, and personal favorites. It’s a time that is cherished by many and includes many must-haves that keep it quintessential. Over the next couple of weeks tune in to see how some lovely local ladies “summer.”


First up >>>Miss Hangry District herself, Michelle Scholtes!

My most prominent childhood summer memory was…

Every year we would go to Ocean City, MD for two weeks and soak up the sun, go to the water slides, eat Thrasher’s french fries and Alaska Stand cheeseburgers on the boardwalk as the seagulls lurked nearby.  We’d go to Trimper’s Rides, play putt-putt, hang out with our cousins and eventually find summer friends that we would connect with every year.  Is there anything more summer than heading to the beach!? We still go to this day, thanks to the beach condo that my parents own! I’m heading out there this weekend – it’s my one true happy place.

It’s not summer until I’ve…

Had a cup of Thrasher’s french fries doused in malt vinegar showered with salt; with a side of a double cheeseburger from the Alaska (now Atlantic) Stand with mustard and pickles. It’s an annual tradition in OCMD!
The product and/or thing I cannot summer without is…
Sunglasses and SPF! I am basically translucent so I keep sunscreen with me at all times and my Wayfarer RayBans for ultimate eye coverage. No thank you crows feet.
My go-to summer cocktail is always…
A fresh Orange Crush!  It MUST be made with freshly squeezed orange juice TO ORDER.
If you could summarize your summer philosophy in just three words, what would they be?
If you were a dish at a summer BBQ, what would you be and why?

The summer corn relish is something I’ve made for years. I can remember getting into it on the drive to Dewey Beach with my bestie Kari and her then boyfriend, now husband, Josh.  We were all feeding each other bites in the car and nearly ate it all before we even made it to the beach!  It’s sweet, tangy, fresh and DELICIOUS – utilizing all the summer’s bounty in one Tupperware container 😉
Summer is the time to shop locally, use seasonal ingredients, and really understand where your food comes from – hopefully even as close as your own backyard!

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