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I’ve known Andrea since high school days! She has always had a healing spirit, so it was no shock to most of us that she ended up using her powers to help those around her. Andrea holds a Masters of Acupuncture from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly The Tai Sophia Institute) and a Bachelors degree in Integrative Studies with a focus in art and psychology from Stevenson University (formerly Villa Julie College). After exploring a myriad of professions after college- it was her lifelong passion for helping people that lead her to explore acupuncture as a career, and her background in art and psychology provides her a perfect foundation to do so (as acupuncture is very much a creative science). Andrea comes from a long line of healers and she is excited to be the first holistic practitioner in her family. She is a lover of people, animals, and life in general and can’t wait to share her passion for wellness with others. I love this girl’s spirit, energy, and overall pizazz! Let’s find out ‘how she summers’…

1. The fragrance that immediately makes me think of summer is…the way my skin smells when I’ve been in the sun, mixed with my essential oil coconut lotion, homemade naturally 😉

2. If you could summarize your summer philosophy in just three words, what would they be?  “be easy, my friends. in Chinese medicine, summer is a time of joy and elation and it is the maturation of the yearly cycle. Trees are the most full, the darkest green and the fruit is about to fall…..embody that shit! Be spontaneous, be flexible, let yourself be happy. let the love in. BE LOVE ”

3. If you were a dish at a summer BBQ, what would you be and why?  Ooooooo….tough one……I like salty and sweet, and in the summer cool….sooooo maybe a feta watermelon salad with some balsamic glaze and mint and basil???? maybe???? (couldn’t agree more girl!! check out my recipe for a cool cucumber and watermelon salad)

4. Would you rather suffer a summer sunburn or a series of pesky mosquito bites?  Neither bothers me much, so either is a fine badge of honor that I opted outside (I hate climate control, so I often have one or both of these things going on LOL)

5. My go-to summer cocktail is always…a good beer on a hot day, however lately I have been mixing Coconut La Croix seltzer water with Titos Vodka and a splash of coconut water and a splash of Bay Chair Key Lime Cream Rum (trust me on this, insanely delicious)!

Want to book an appointment for you or your 4 legged companions? Check out Andrea’s practice on Facebook, via Instagram, or on her website.

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