Friday Finds – Camping Edition

We’re heading out camping this weekend (wooohooo) and I’m already thinking about gathering our gear. I wanted to share a few of our favorite camping purchases we’ve made thus far. We are new to the camping world (which is such a gear focused world) but these items really helped us live our best hashtag ‘camp-life’ while traveling across the country this summer. What are your camping essentials? Happy Friday to all!

Collapsible Solar Powered LED Lantern — has USB charging capabilities too!
Solar Power Cafe Lights add that little extra to your campsite — let them charge during the day while you hike or hang out.
Fan/Light Rechargeable Combo — amazing for keeping the air circulating in your tent as you sleep.
Comfortable Dual Hammock — easy to setup and durable for two to get their cuddle on.
Polaroids never went out of style. We loved having priceless shots from our road-trip. This is rechargeable and can even hookup to the computer.
Headlamps with 3 different settings — these will put all your “are you afraid of the dark” anxiety at ease! also so helpful for hands-free moments aka middle of the night bathroom breaks

1 thought on “Friday Finds – Camping Edition

  1. Bre says:

    As seasoned campers with toddlers you hit the good ones! Our “can’t leave without it” is a first aid kit and I’m currently obsessed with Welly’s Excursion kit. Safety first! Happy camping!!

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